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Roundcube WebMail on CPanel Servers

Roundcube webmail is a very promising Open Source webmail client. With CPanel 11 installing RoundCube is quite easy and with no file editing of CPanel files. To install roundcube you should first download RoundCube Webmail from http://roundcube.net/ . Unzip the software somewhere and upload all files and folders (maybe with WinSCP) to your server in […]

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Exim Ignore MX Record

There are some cases where you want to ignore the configured MX record in order to deliver e-mails for a domain and instead deliver them to a preconfigured server. A very common situation where you want to do this is when you provide advanced anti virus and anti spam solutions to your clients. In those […]

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MySQL Usage Limit

It usually happens on a server to have high load for no apparent reason. My experience have shown that most of the times this high load is due to badly written SQL queries which cause MySQL to use all available resources for lots of time. This also causes an an excessive number of connections as […]

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