Roundcube WebMail on CPanel Servers

Roundcube webmail is a very promising Open Source webmail client. With CPanel 11 installing RoundCube is quite easy and with no file editing of CPanel files. To install roundcube you should first download RoundCube Webmail from . Unzip the software somewhere and upload all files and folders (maybe with WinSCP) to your server in the folder “/usr/local/cpanel/base/3rdparty/roundcube”. As the folder roundcube does not exist you should create it first and then upload the files. After you have uploaded the files Login to WHM of your server, open PhpMyAdmin and follow the next steps:

  1. On the first page click on Privileges Option and the choose “Add New User”.
  2. Type as the “Username” roundcube, as the “Host” localhost and as “Password” a password of your choice!
  3. Check the option “Create database with same name and grant all privileges” underneath and click on the button “Go”
  4. Now that you have created the database and the user for mysql click on the tab “Databases” and open the newly created database.
  5. Choose the tab “Import” and upload from the folder SQL of RoundCube the file mysql.initial.sql or mysql5.initial.sql (in case you have Mysql 5).

Now open the file “” in the folder config of RoundCube and find the line:

$rcmail_config['db_dsnw'] = 'mysql://roundcube:[email protected]/roundcubemail';

Change this line with the correct credentials and database name as you have chosen above. Save the file as “” and the Open the file “”.

Find the line

$rcmail_config['default_host'] = '';

and within the brackets type “localhost”. Next step is to ssae the file as “”.

To finish the installation change the permissions of the folders “logs” and “temp” to rwx for all (777). You are ready to go. Login to http://servername/webmail and enjoy RoundCube webmail.

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