CPanel transfer account fails with “Timeout during ssh session”

When you try to move an account from one CPanel server to another through SSH you may get an error like:

“Packaging the account… … Timeout during ssh session … Retrying….”

besides the fact that SSH seems to be working on the remote host. In such cases you should login through SSH on the target server and try to SSH back to the source server and troubleshoot the connection problems. Two of the most common issues are:

1. Firewall: The remote host does not allow connections from the source server IP through a firewall rule. Disable temporary your firewall by executing the commmand

/etc/init.d/iptables stop

and make the required transfer. After the transfer is complete DO NOT forget to enable your firewall again with the command

/etc/init.d/iptables start

2. The SSH keys on the source server have changed. Execute the command

cp /root/.ssh/known_hosts /root/.ssh/known_hosts.old
rm -f /root/.ssh/known_hosts

and do the transfer. In case you use SSH public key authentication then you should put back your old file and manually find the line beginning with the hostname of the source server and remove it.

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